89ERS (AGES 13-15)








Every Oklahoma teen is unique and our 89er Teen summer camp programs offer a chance for ages 13-15 years to explore their identity, expand their horizons, and develop skills that they won’t find in school. Options include an equestrian camp called Frontier Adventure, Traditional Camp, or a Colorado Adventure trip with white water rafting. 

Each option is characterized by Y fundamental values, including - working together as a group, valuing one another, being oneself, teen based Christian unity and wholehearted fun. 89er Traditional campers believe that summer camp is rooted in friendship. Campers, either coming for their first time or their eighth time, make new friends, rekindle past friendships and just enjoy the company with other fellow teens. They realize that there is more to who they are than just what other students in their school know them to be. We like to start our summer camp teen programs with some awesome activities that teens have always loved, such as kayaking, our climbing tower, the screamer, horseback riding, paintball, skeet shooting, mountain biking, lake fun, our chapel on Vesper Mountain, and off-camp adventure outings like a trip to Turner Falls and a stop for a Fried Pie. Many traditional Camp programs continue but, activities for the 89er teens are more flexible to individual interests than the younger camps. Teens have more responsibility, choice and freedom to choose activities unique to their interests.



7:00 Wake Up/Personal Hygiene
7:20  Flag Raising
7:30-8:00  Breakfast
8:15-8:45  Cabin Clean Up/Unit Duty
8:45-10:00 All Camp Game
10:00-11:00 Electives 
11:00-11:50 Cabin Activities
12:00 Pathfinder/Trailblazer Cheers
12:10-12:45 Lunch
12:45-1:45 Siesta
2:00-3:20 Swimming
3:30-5:00  Trading Post
5:15-5:30 Flag Lowering
5:30-6:00  Dinner
6:15-6:45 Chapel
7:00-8:30 Evening Activity (Carnival, Dance, Man Night/ Girls Night, Aquafest, Campfire)
8:45-9:30 Shower Rotations
9:30-10:30 Cabin Devotions and Cabin Time
10:00    Lights Out

AGES 13-15

Can you imagine a better way to spend your week at summer camp than working with horses on an Oklahoma ranch? It’s not easy out on the Colling’s Ranch, but it is rewarding and unforgettable. Teens will advance their equestrian skills by caring for their horse & its tack, in the arena, on the trail, and overnight in the wilderness. Frontier Adventure also adds off-camp excursions for two week campers that might include rodeos or other equestrian events.

Based on camper’s riding skill, they will be placed in riding groups to help them maximize their time. Groups include:

•    Learning basic skills, riding positions, and working from a walk to a trot
Building the horse & rider relationship and working on riding gaits of walk and trot
Developing advanced techniques and skills riding all gaits and patterns.

Frontier Adventurers will also get some time in main camp kicking back at the waterfront and having fun with other 89ers during some of the evening fun. 

On a typical day campers leave main camp right after breakfast to go out to historic Collings Ranch (located on CAMP CLASSEN property).  At Collings Ranch campers will be taught how to safely and correctly catch and halter a horse, tie a horse to begin grooming, saddling, bridling.  After everyone is ready, we head down to our riding area where we have an arena for group riding and individual instruction in our multiple round pens.  Equitation and riding games fill the day. Don’t think we have forgotten about chapel. We have our own chapel at the ranch. Some afternoons the FA campers will decide to go for a swim. We will walk to 3 falls (located on camp) or swim in the water hole located by the arena. Evenings are spent doing group activities with the Traditional 89’er campers most of the time. There are times when we will stay at the ranch and have our own group activity. On “check-out day” the campers will put on a riding demo after the main closing ceremony called “The Sho-deo.”  


This has been an excellent, positive and safe experience for our son. Love the fact that it makes him be a boy for 7 days! No TV, phone, computer, video games; just good old fashioned fun.”

“Camp Classen has been one of the best experiences of my son's life. He looks forward to going every year and cries when he has to leave at the end of his session. I tell people all the time that my son would stay for the whole summer if I could send him that long. Camp has had such an impact on my son that he is willing and excited to go even when he might not know anyone there. I think there is a lot to be said for a camp that has instilled such confidence in a child! He already has said he wants to be a counselor himself for Camp Classen as soon as he is old enough to do it. I miss my son terrible when he is gone, but I can't think of a better place for him to be when he is away. Thank you for giving him such joy.”

“Our daughter had a wonderful time. The counselors were just fantastic. She just loved the experience and will surely be back next year.”

“Thank you to everyone who helped encourage my child to try new things. I assure you, it was no easy task! He tried everything at camp this year and he was very glad that he did."

“This is a wonderful program and I would recommend this camp to anyone. The most important thing is safety and I feel that Camp Classen provides a safe, fun environment for the children to have fun and enriching experiences.”

“I have had two children come to this camp for the past 8 years. Thank you for the great memories, friends, and fun they have experienced over the past eight years. This will be an experience they will never forget.”

“Great JOB! He has already asked to come back again!”




1A June 3-9, 2018
1B June 10-16
2A June 17-23
2B June 24-30
3A July 1-7
3B July 8-14
4A Explorer Camp July 15-18

Horseshoe Club (ages 7-12) can be added for $100 additional per week.

Frontier Adventure Jr (ages 10-12) can be added for $100 additional per week.

Frontier Adventure (ages 13-15) can be added for $100 additional per week.

Trail rides can be added for $15 additional per week. (NA for Horseshoe Club, Frontier Adventure and Trip Camps)





Session 1 June 3-16, 2018
Session 2 June 17-30
Session 3 July 1-14

Horseshoe Club can be added for $100 additional per week.

Frontier Adventure Jr (ages 10-12) can be added for $100 additional per week.

Frontier Adventure (ages 13-15) can be added for $100 additional per week.

Trail rides can be added for $15 additional per week (NA for Horseshoe Club, Frontier Adventure and Trip Camps