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Injuries and illness can make everyday life hard. And when you experience both, it can turn your world upside down. After living through a horrific car accident, where she lost her right arm and suffered multiple fractures and lacerations, Kim was determined to bounce back. She went through two years of physical therapy to learn how to use her body and adjust to her new form.

A few years later Kim became a mom to a beautiful baby girl, Kennedy. Things were good for a while, then Kim’s mom noticed that Kennedy wasn’t developing at a typical pace. Through genetic testing, it was determined that Kennedy has a rare disorder affecting her X chromosome, causing her to be developmentally delayed.

Working through how to adjust to life with a child with special needs, Kim got into a routine to provide the best life possible for her and Kennedy. Then, more news hit, Kim was diagnosed with breast cancer. While she fought hard against the cancer, she also fell into a depression and she wasn’t herself. That’s when she learned about the Y and some of the programs we offer.

Kim came to the Y, signed up for a membership and received a scholarship. She tried a variety of classes, started getting into a groove and decided to participate in LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA, a cancer survivor program.

“It didn’t take long for me to feel like I belonged, and I started making friends and trying new classes, including water aerobics,” Kim says. “I found that it was easy to make friends and the staff and instructors are welcoming and supportive.”

Even better, Kennedy attends Child Watch while Kim works out. Kennedy is able to engage with staff and spend time doing the things she loves in a sensory friendly environment, while Kim gets a break and can focus on her health and friendships.

“The Y has been a life-saving place for me and Kennedy.”