Meet Nancy


TOGETHERHOOD™ is the Y's signature program for social responsibility, allowing Y members to lead and participate in volunteer service projects that benefit the communities where they live. But the word TOGETHERHOOD™ means so much more to Nancy and her son, Jared. 

You see, Nancy and Jared do everything together. From playing basketball, to working on homework and hanging out together whenever possible, the two are inseparable. The mother and son team also spend their time giving back to their community by volunteering together. 

Nancy will be the first to tell you that the past few years haven’t been easy and that life doesn’t always turn out how you think it will. A divorce left her in a position where she had to rely on others to help her, and a gift from her mother and father allowed Nancy and Jared to have a household membership at the Y for an entire year. When the year was over, Nancy found that she needed financial assistance to continue her membership at the Y.

”The MIDWEST CITY Y has been more than a gym to me. It’s a place where I can go to feel a sense of belonging, and it’s a place where Jared and I can spend quality time together,” said Nancy. “Asking for assistance isn’t easy for me, but I knew that I wanted to continue our membership because the Y has made a huge difference in my life.” 

After completing the necessary forms, Nancy received assistance that allowed her to keep her household membership, something she doesn’t take for granted. Nancy is committed to giving back to others and is using volunteerism at the Y through the TOGETHERHOOD™ project to teach her son the importance of helping others. 

“When I heard about TOGETHERHOOD™, I immediately wanted to get involved,” said Nancy. “The idea of helping those less fortunate is something that I've always taught my boys.  I knew that we could make a difference in the lives of others, just as the Y has done for us. 

”As often as possible, Nancy and Jared put on their work gloves and their TOGETHERHOOD™ shirts and they make their community a better place. So far, they have helped paint walls at a local church, plant a garden and assisted at a community safety day at the MIDWEST CITY Y. They have also committed to helping at the next TOGETHERHOOD™ project in the Midwest City community.
At ten years old, you would think that Jared would rather be playing ball with his friends or watching television, but he volunteers with a huge smile on his face. “I enjoy helping other people, and I want to keep doing it,” he said. “I’m looking forward to working on more projects and helping show others that volunteering is a good thing.”