Exercise is Medicine

Add years to your life, one step at a time

Exercise is Medicine is a 12-week program, designed to help incorporate physical activity as part of a healthier lifestyle in order to improve overall health and well-being.

In a small group setting, an Exercise is Medicine professional will safely guide participants through exercise programming specific to an individual’s needs. The program consists of pre and post assessments, 24 exercise sessions with an EIM professional, Healthy Living discussions and a YMCA membership.

Program cost – $249

Use our Physical Activity Vital Sign Tool to see if you qualify for the program.

What is your Physical Activity Vital Sign?

  1. On average, how many days per week do you engage in moderate to strenuous exercise (like a brisk walk)?
  2. On average, how many minutes do you engage in exercise at this level?
  3. Total minutes per week – multiply #1 by #2 to get your total.

Your Results

If you total is below 150 minutes, you qualify for the YMCA Exercise is Medicine program.

Ask your healthcare professional how you can benefit from EIM. In order to participate in the program, individuals MUST have an EIM referral form from a physician.

If your total minutes per week equals 150 minutes, congratulations, you meet the national physical activity recommendations.

Continue your health and wellness journey with other YMCA programs including:

  • FitCrew
  • Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance
  • Parkinson’s Fitness

Exercise is Medicine is available at the following locations:

  • Edward L Gaylord Downtown YMCA | 405 297 7700
  • Midwest City YMCA | 405 733 9622
  • Rockwell Plaza YMCA | 405 621 5858
  • YMCA Healthy Living Center – INTEGRIS | 405 942 9622

Sessions will resume in September. Interested in learning more or participating? Contact one of the four Ys listed above for session dates and requirements.