YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City

Fun games to play with a Frisbee

Players needed: Minimum of 2

Frisbee bowling can be set up in no time, anywhere! Use whatever containers or bottles for the pins. For best practice, fill a water bottle halfway so they won’t fall down on their own. 

Now once you are set up with your pins, grab your frisbee and follow the same rules as you would for bowling!

Players needed: 1

Disc golf is becoming more popular as you find these in parks or even leagues. The rules to disc golf are close to real golf. The object of the game is to land your frisbee in a basket- shaped target in the fewest amount of throws as possible.

You could even set up a frisbee golf course in your backyard! Grab some baskets of any kind and set them up around the yard!

Players needed: Minimum of 2

Don’t have a lot of space? Frisbee Tic Tac Toss is a game you can do with little yard space!

The game plays like normal Tic Tac Toe, just using a frisbee to mark a square one at a time! Use hats, shoes, objects to mark your squares and take turns with the frisbee to play!

Players needed: Minimum of 4

Want to showcase your throwing and catching skills? A frisbee throwing race is perfect for that!

Divide into two teams, each team on one side so you can throw the frisbee back and forth. The distance apart from your teammates is up to you.

The goal is to see how many completed catches you can make until one team reaches 15 total catches!

Players needed: Minimum of 2

Summer is here! Grab your frisbee and head to the pool! This game all you need is a pool and a frisbee.

One person will be the thrower and one will be the catcher. The thrower will toss the frisbee over the pool as the catcher will jump in the water to try and catch it before it hits the water!

Be as creative with your throws and catches as you jump in! Jump into the pool off a diving board if there is one available.

Players needed: Minimum of 2

A game of frisbee catch is about as simple as it sounds. Grab a friend, family member, or your dog and throw the frisbee back and forth. Throw on some music, get some sun and enjoy a nice game of catch.

Can always a fun touch on a game of catch, like first one to drop it loses and keep count.