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MONDAY MORNING JOE: Living Into Your Potential

You have the potential to live an epic story, to create a new soundtrack, and press through the pain change, and fully live into your potential. But you need to begin listening to the voice and respond.

One night, a young man awoke to a voice calling to him. He thought it was the old priest calling for him. He got up and went to the priest, “Here I am, you called me.” The priest sent the boy away, saying, “I did not. Go back to sleep.” The boy goes back to sleep. Again, a voice calls to him and again he goes to the priest, and the priest sent him back to bed.

A voice called to the boy a third time, and went to the priest again. This time the priest recognized what was happening and told the boy, “Next time you hear the voice, respond, ‘Lord, speak for your servant is listening.” The boy did as he told and when the voice called for him again, the boy answered, “Lord, speak for your servant is listening.”


Here are three tips on living into your potential:

1) Pay attention to yourself. You can read all the books on living into your potential, but you won’t find the answer you’re looking for unless you begin to pay attention to yourself. What is it that you are most passionate about? What would you be able to do if you had no restrictions? Pay attention to yourself. Your ability to live into your potential already exists inside you. It is that longing for something good. Pay attention to yourself.

2) Do not be afraid to fail. I am big believer that you won’t know until you try. Perhaps it’s because my mother constantly would tell me that when I refused to eat my vegetables. But it’s true. You won’t know if you will fail until you give it a shot, and you will most likely fail. That’s okay. Failure is just learning how not to do it. Do not be afraid to fail and do not be afraid to fail big!

3) Find a support group. Find a group of people who are relentless in their support of you. I have found the greatest gift in my life are those who constantly cheer me on and support me with undying encouragement. Even when my dreams are so unrealistic, they encourage me to live into those dreams, showing me along the way, how those dreams are becoming reality in unexpected ways. Find people who are going to leave you with no excuse but to live into your potential.





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