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MONDAY MORNING JOE: New Story & Soundtrack

Creating a new story and a new soundtrack is difficult. It is joyous and scary at the same time. It’s joyful because you have made the difficult decision to make an important change in your life. It is scary because you’ve probably attempted to make this same change before, but things did not go as planned. 

How do you stay on the path and fight the temptation to turn around? Here are four ways to help you as you go on your journey. 

1. Take bread for the journey. You need to remember to pack something to keep you nourished as you walk through the valleys of change. Find something in your life that nourishes your spirit. Prayer, mediation, exercise, friends, coaches, encouragers, or yoga, are all examples of ways to nourish your soul during this transition.

2. Remind yourself daily why you are this journey. You made the decision to write a new story and create a new soundtrack for a reason, what is that reason? Write that reason down and place somewhere where you will see it every day to remind yourself of why you are creating a new story and a new soundtrack. This will sustain you on days when your old story and your old soundtrack tempt you to come back them. 

3. Find someone to walk alongside you. You may be like me, and tend to keep things private, but when it comes to creating a new story and a new soundtrack, you cannot go at it alone. One of the best decisions I made during my transition was to find a coach whose one job was to journey with me. Find someone who will walk alongside you, encourage you, challenge you, and speak the truth of your new story and your new soundtrack.

4. Trust the process. This is a hard one to do, believe me, but you need to trust the process. Trust that you are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing. Trust that in time you will see the results you are longing to find. Trust that where you are now, while it may be painful, is better than where you were. Trust the journey and trust the process.



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