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Women in Leadership: Christin King

"The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me."

Meet Christin King, an Oklahoma City transplant who joined the Y in 2021. Christin has worked in marketing and strategy for over a decade. While she loved building brands, she is excited about what the Y is building in our communities. Prior to joining the Y, Christin started her career in New York City working in the fashion industry. Eventually, she landed in advertising here in Oklahoma City, where she discovered a passion when working with nonprofit clients. 

Christin grew up in North Dallas, but she wouldn’t call anywhere but Oklahoma City “home.” She loves traveling, any body of water, raising her two daughters. Despite her inability to play, she loves college football and never misses College Game Day.

Q&A with Christin

Q: Who are the women that have inspired you?
A: My mom and my peers, especially the ones I worked with when starting out here in Oklahoma City. We’ve all come so far and never stopped encouraging, empowering and inspiring each other. They know who they are. I’m still trying to figure out how my mom never missed a thing but also had an amazing career.

Q: What is your walk up song?
A: My daughter Kyle and I jam out to Daya’s “Sit Still, Look Pretty” – that song will start your day! I have a whole playlist that has all the greats: Carole King, Aretha Franklin, Lizzo, Kesha, Taylor Swift, Pink and Queen Bey.

Q: What are three things you look forward to on your drive to work each day?
A: I love working for an organization that makes an impact on the community, working with different types of people who do different things to support the Y’s mission, and that I work for an organization with a vision I personally connect with.



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