YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City


Unleash your competitive spirit with the YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City’s Esports league! Our program is a digital arena of strategy, teamwork, and personal growth. Young gamers dive into the exciting world of Esports, refining skills while building friendships and confidence. From mastering in-game tactics to enhancing communication, our Esports program offers a supportive environment where kids develop not only their gaming abilities but also cultivate essential life skills. Join us in the virtual realm and be part of a team where children not only level up in Esports, but also gain valuable traits that extend beyond the screen, helping them succeed in both digital and real-world challenges.”

Participants will engage in games at the CO-OP on the UCO, Oklahoma State or OCU campuses!

Games will consist of NBA 2k, Madden, Fortnite, Smash Bros., Rocket League, and more. Participants will be responsible for additional licensing fees for each game selected.

The YMCA Esports program is available for youth ages 8-17. YMCA Esports participants will compete against each other in a supervised setting.


Registration is now open!