YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City

What is a Christian Movement?

YMCA staff are more than just operations of programs and keeping the lights on.

YMCA staff are agents in God’s mission to heal Central Oklahoma.

YMCA staff carry out the Christian principles of Respect, Love, Peace, Grace, Empowerment, Caring, Faith, Hope, Honesty, Responsibility, Justice, and Servanthood in their respective roles within the YMCA organization.

The YMCA existed before us and will exist long after we are gone because the Y is not a building. It is not a gym. It is not a pool. It is not you or me.

The YMCA is a movement, and it is a movement rooted in healing, reconciliation, and redemption. 

What is a Christian Principle?

A Christian Principle is a behavior displayed in the life of Jesus.

12 Christian Principles of the YMCA

Respect, Love, Peace, Grace, Empowerment, Caring, Faith, Hope, Honesty, Responsibility, Justice, and Servanthood. 

Our Main Focuses

Spiritual Well Being: Love-Serve-Care Team, Spiritual counseling & coaching, Chaplaincy, Mental health workshops

Community Partners: Local Congregations, Restore OKC, True Dads, OSUOKC Social Innovation, Church plants

Getting Ahead Initiative: Anti-poverty initiative seeking to break the vicious cycles of poverty in central Oklahoma.


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