YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City

Leadership Staff

Executive Leadership

Kelly Kay, President & CEO

Mike Roark, Vice President & COO

David Warde, Vice President of Finance & CFO

Shannon Hiebert, Vice President of Human Resources

Christin King, Vice President of Communications

Scott Mitchell, Vice President of Property Management

Lacy Kendrick, Vice President of Strategic Development

Association Staff

Jessica Aycock, Financial Development Administrative Assistant

Garrett Blevins, Information Systems Administrator

Brianna Carroll, Controller

Whitney Chandler, Executive Director of Teen Initiatives

Jill Goyette, Executive Director of Youth Development and Social Responsibility

Tammy Herndon, Senior Accountant/Accounts Receivable

Laine Hughes, Executive Assistant

Pam Ivers, Staff Accountant/Accounts Payable

Lyndsey Speer, Director of Financial Development

Willie Moon, Association Janitorial Director

Tara O’Connell, Program Director of Teen Leadership Initiatives

Chris Porter, Membership Analyst

Emily Nelson, Associate Director of Human Resources

Makayla Mainord, Director of Brand Content 

Corey Cargill, Director of Brand Experience 

Chris Berry, District Executive Director, Mitch Park, Rankin and Guthrie YMCAs

Jason Brown, Executive Director, YMCA Camp Classen

Taylor York, District Executive Director, Bethany, Rockwell Plaza and Rockwell Crossing YMCAs

Shane Harland, Executive Director, Stillwater YMCA

Lewis Knisley, Executive Director, Chickasha Area YMCA

Shane Pratt, District Executive Director, North Side YMCA and YMCA Healthy Living Center – INTEGRIS

Sara Robinson-Holmes, District Executive Director, Edward L. Gaylord Downtown YMCA and Main Street YMCA

Sam Marez, Executive Director, Midwest City YMCA

Paul Urquhart, Executive Director, Earlywine Park YMCA

Geri Valdez, Associate Executive Director, Mitch Park & Rankin YMCAs

Bryan Wilcox, Associate Executive Director, Earlywine Park YMCA

Katelyn Hinkle, Associate Executive Director, Guthrie YMCA

Troy Zeigler, Center Director, YMCA Military Welcome Center


Jennifer Grigsby, Chair

Mark McCubbin, Chair-Elect

John-Mark Beaver, Vice-Chair

Rick McCune, Treasurer

Bill Snipes, Secretary


John-Mark Beaver

Michael Berube

Jill Castilla

Elliot Chambers

Rob Cherry

George Cohlmia

Sean Cummings

Eric Dahlgren

Larry Davis

Eric Eissenstat

Bryan Evans

James Everest

Tricia Everest

Jeff Ewing

Jim Farris

Chris Fleming

Steve Foerster

Raul Font

Craig Freeman

Doug Fuller

Mark Funke

Kelly Gray

Kris Gose

Wade Gourley

Dave Hager

J. Patrick Hare

David Harlow

Joe Hodges

Caroline Ikard

Donnie Jones

Richard Kelley

Tom Kupiec

Carl Martincich

Scott Meacham

Virginia Meade

Will Merrick

Keith Needham

Matt Pollock

Ford Price, Jr.

Adam Rainbolt

K. Earl Reynolds

Randy Roper

Steve Slawson

Taylor Shinn

Robin Smith

Wayne Snow

Jack Talley

David Thompson

Randy Thurman

Hardy Watkins

Brian West

G. Rainey Williams

Roy Williams

Joe Kendrick, Executive Director of Christian Mission

From Joe: 

I believe in being a good neighbor. The best value someone can offer is to treat somebody how you want to be treated. That is my hope and my goal. I am going to treat you the way that you were meant to be treated. That is with respect, love, dignity. You are an important person and you have value. I am here to help you however I can. To help you live out a meaningful story in your life. 

July 11: Monday Morning Message from Joe

Seeking Support or Pastoral Care 

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