YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City

It’s interesting, when you read the gospels, that the people who really know Jesus, and are extravagant in their love are not insiders.  

They are not the Pharisees or the scribes, or the Sadducees, or the kings, or the emperors.  

The people who really know Jesus are the ones who barely spent any time with him.  

They are the ones who heard stories about how Jesus healed so and so, feed five thousand people, made the blind man see, brought the dead girl back to life, cleansed the ten leapers, and welcomed that no-good tax collector Zacchaeus a child of God.  

The ones who recognize Jesus, are not the insiders.  

They are them.  

They are the outsiders.  

Funny thing is at one time or another, you and I have been there. 

We too have been them.  

Sometimes we need someone to interrupt our dinner to remind us of God’s extravagant love. 

All YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City locations will be closed on Thursday, July 4 in observance of Independence Day. 24/7 access will continue to be available at locations where the service is offered. Work out with us anytime with YMCA360.