YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City

Klyne Snodgrass writes, “Knowledge of God’s reign and salvation brings with it added responsibility. To accept the kingdom and its salvation is to accept a trust. It enlists one as an agent on behalf of the kingdom, and all those so enlisted will be rewarded or judged in terms of their faithfulness to their task.” 

Monday Morning Joe continues the story of George Williams’ faithfulness to his task to be an agent on behalf of God’s kingdom, bringing young men into a relationship with Jesus by being light in darkness. And today, YMCA staff, volunteers, and members are invited to join that very task.

All YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City locations will be closed on Thursday, July 4 in observance of Independence Day. 24/7 access will continue to be available at locations where the service is offered. Work out with us anytime with YMCA360.