YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City

The second week of Advent in the Christian church usually centers around the theme of peace. Peace on earth and goodwill towards all. As the old hymn proclaims, “Peace on earth, can it be? Years from, perhaps we’ll see the day of glory, the day when men of goodwill live in peace again.”

Peace is a hard concept to talk about because peace carries different connotations for different people. Peace for most, peace is the absence of conflict, war, strife, and noise. Peace is quiet and renewing. It is gentle knowing that all will be well.

A friend of mine once shared an impactful story that took place in the middle of the liberation of France during WWII. During a harrowing shootout, my friend prayed for peace. He said he specifically prayed that God would bring peace. He said a funny thing happened. The firing didn’t stop, angels didn’t descend from the heavens, the heavens didn’t part, and Christ returned to earth. No, instead there was a very clear, audible voice, that said, “All be well.” And a sense of peace came over me.

How then do you wait for peace in the midst of chaos?

1).  Know that all be well. 

      I believe that in the end all will be well. I have hope that peace of earth will come with God’s reign, and I believe that only God can bring the kind of peace we need to make all things new. I rest in that faith that in the end all be well.

      Though we are in the midst of this chaotic world, I hold steadfast belief that God is making all things new, and all will be well.

2)  Be an agent of peace.

     While I believe all will be well and God’s reign will bring peace, I believe it is equally important to be an agent of peace. I believe we are required to work for peace, to be an agent who walks into the chaos carrying the light of peace.

     Peace requires work and the best way to begin the work of peace is to seek to understand not be understood. Seek to understand your community around you. Seek to understand why things are the way they are and seek to be an agent of peace by showing another way.