YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City

When I began my work with the YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City, my first task was to immerse myself in the history of the YMCA movement. I wanted to know as much as possible not just about the OKC association but the YMCA global movement. I wanted to know where it began and why it began. I wanted to become the most knowledgeable person regarding the YMCA I could become. 

To do so, I needed to find someone who had a passion and love for the YMCA movement that exceeded the ordinary. Through mutual connections, I was introduced to Rev. Dr. David Newman, Pastor of Antioch Church, a church plant in the Countryside YMCA in Lebanon, Ohio. Dr. Newman’s passion and love for the mission of the YMCA movement led him to write a biographical story of the YMCA’s founding and its founder, George Williams. 

For this second season of Monday Morning Joe, I want to share with you the history of the YMCA Movement, mission, and its founding. Join me for the next few weeks as we learn the story behind the YMCA movement.