YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City

RECOVERY @RockwellPlaza is officially now OPEN to members!

Get better results with a better recovery at the brand-new RECOVERY @RockwellPlaza space.

Through the use of advance technology, you’ll recover faster and more thoroughly to achieve optimal results from your workout. The space includes:

  • Normatec Air Compression Unit

  • Hydromassage chairs

  • Massage gun

  • Foam rollers

  • 4Kor Deep Tissue Recovery Ball

  • Ice rollers

This space is for ages 12 and up!

**Members 12-14 are allowed to use massage chairs only as long as a parent or a legal guardian is in the Fitness Center.  (Older sibling is not considered adequate supervision)

**Members 15+ have full access to RECOVERY @Rockwell (massage chairs, NormaTec, therapy guns).  Prices for teens will still be $15. 

Interested in adding Recovery @RockwellPlaza to your membership?

Please contact Kristen DeYoung at kdeyoung@ymcaokc.org