YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City

Summertime means families are spending more time together, both indoors and outdoors. With warmer temperatures and longer days, there’s more opportunity to enjoy the world around us, and we’ve compiled a list of ways to get outdoors at the Y and beyond.

  1. Join the Y’s Walking and Running Club
    The YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City has launched a walking and running club in northwest Oklahoma City. Hosted by our Northwest and North Side Districts, this club is free and open to the entire community. A volunteer coach will help ensure no one is left behind, welcoming walkers and runners of all abilities to join us for part or all of the session. We currently offer two sessions:
         Tuesdays: 6-7:30pm at Kenneth Cooper Middle School Track
         Fridays: 6:15-7:45pm at Lake Hefner (Meet at the Lake Hefner Lighthouse)

  2. Make Time to Self-Reflect
    After a rainy start to the day, grab a phone or camera and take the kids outside to do some self-reflecting! Snap photos of your reflections in puddles, getting creative with angles and zooms. Add an extra splash of fun and give photos an artistic flair by creating water ripples using sticks or pebbles. No puddles around? No worries! Grab a bucket of water and create your own!

  3. Create Your Own Sun Dial
    Go on a scavenger hunt for a stick and twelve smooth pebbles or stones. Find a sunny sport and plant your stick in the ground. At the top of the hour, place a pebble wherever the stick’s shadow ends. Come back in an hour and see how far the shadow has moved – that’s where you’ll place your next pebble. Then, you can place the rest of the pebbles around the stick by keeping the same distance between them.

  4. Make Nature Into Art
    Looking for ways to help your child bring out their creative side? Use nature as art tools! Take children on a walk and let them choose their own items such as leaves, rocks with plenty of bumps or edges, flowers or pinecones. Once you’re back home, apply a light coating of pain onto one side of the object and press it down onto a piece of plain paper. Gently peel the object off the paper to reveal a beautifully stamped design left behind!

  5. Start Your Own Grass Blade Band
    Find a grassy patch or a good-sized yard. See who can find the longest, widest blade of grass. Pinch the grass between your thumbs, leaving a gap in the middle. Blow through the opening. As the grass vibrates, it’ll make a fun sound. Challenge children to see how many sounds they can get their trumpet to make or see if they can play a song and have everyone guess the tune.

  6. Make a splash at your local pool
    Did you know that the YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City operates four city-owned pools in our area? Our certified lifeguards are on hand to make sure your family stays safe while swimming. Most of our city-owned pool locations also offer swim lessons and birthday party rentals. Visit one of these outdoor pools:
         Highland Park Pool (operated by the Guthrie YMCA)
         Ripper Park Pool (Operated by the Bethany YMCA)
         Shannon Springs Park Pool (Operated by the Chickasha Area YMCA)
         Stillwater Municipal Pool (Operated by the Stillwater YMCA)

Looking for more ways to keep your family active this summer beyond family-friendly classes at the Y? Visit KeepMovingOKC.org and see all of the free and low-cost events happening around our city!