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We All Have Mental Health

Today is Healthy Kids Day at the YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City and tomorrow is the first day of Mental Health Awareness month. All over the metro our Y’s are celebrating and promoting healthy kiddos. You can do the same with these family activities.

Resilience is our ability to thrive, adapt and cope despite tough and stressful experiences. The more resilient we are, the stronger, wiser, and more flexible we become, and the better we are able to respond to, heal, and recover from challenges.

Resilience is built through intentional actions and activities that promote connection to oneself and others and help to develop effective coping skills.

The following is a set of quick, simple activities parents and care givers can use with youth and teens to build resilience.

Family Resilience Building Activities​

Directions for Parents & Caregivers:

  1. WATCH the video for a selected topic below. You can either watch with your child(ren) or watch on your own and interpret the video’s message while doing the activity.
  2. REVIEW the skills sheet.
  3. DO the skills sheet activity. Be sure to participate in the activity as well as role model resilience-building behavior.

Defining Mental Health
Video | Skills Sheet

Resilience Role Models
Video | Skills Sheet

Video | Skills Sheet

Support Wheel
Video | Skills Sheet

Emotion Identification
Video | Skills Sheet

Growth Mindset
Video | Skills Sheet

Video | Skills Sheet

Asking for Help
Video | Skills Sheet



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