YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City

Legislative Branch

The Legislative branch provides students the opportunity to debate the policy issues affecting our state. Delegates write bills or resolutions outlining policy mechanisms that address pressing issues in our state. These bills and resolutions are presented, by their authors, and debated by their peers at the District and State Conferences. Throughout the Oklahoma YAG program, the legislative branch has allowed the next generation of leaders to speak up about the issues they care about while learning about the democratic process in our state and nation.

Judicial Branch

The Judicial section allows students to be immersed in our country’s and state’s judicial system through mock trial or appeals court simulations. Delegates prepare throughout the school year to become attorneys, witnesses or judges at the District and State Conferences. Attorneys can participate in either the criminal mock trial or the appeals system and present cases arguing for the innocence and prosecution of the defendant or regarding the constitutionality of an issue, respectively. Witnesses participate in the criminal mock trial by acting out the roles of people related to the case and are influential in the final verdict. The appointed judges are tasked with ensuring the rules of the court are followed and lead the judicial delegates through the various rounds.

Media Branch

The Media branch allows delegates to be actively involved in the journalistic process by creating a print newspaper, a broadcast and social media content regarding YAG events. Delegates actively engage with all branches of the program, uniting them, encouraging cooperation and disseminating information.


The Lobbyist branch allows delegates to extend the legislative experience by assisting legislative delegates with research and information on bills, as well as through the representation of interest groups assigned to each lobbyist. Lobbyists not only aid the legislative process, but they help to inform delegates on key issue within their interest groups.

Youth Commission

This program is for students new to Youth & Government and offers first year delegates the opportunity to participate in the State Conference without competing in a specific section. Youth Commission students tour the capitol, hear from legislators and justices and explore each section in a unique way. Delegates learn to write a bill for legislation and have an opportunity to present that bill on the floor of the House. Students sit as the jury in the showcase trial for the Judicial section, submit a whip count for the Lobbyist section and participate in a new broadcast for Media.

Middle School Program Resources

Model Legislative Day
Friday, April 1
9:30am – 3:30pm
Oklahoma State Capitol