YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City

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Social Media

Sharing is caring. Instead of posting your own Annual Campaign content, share the YMCA’s content. Share the posts from your YMCA locations and our Association page so that you can help people see the work we’re doing together. To help you share posts faster, you can even sign up to be notified when the Y posts.  
Nerd Alert: The more shares and engagement a post receives, the more Facebook’s algorithm will allow people to see our Annual Campaign content.

Keep it looking fresh. Update your Facebook cover photo to the Annual Campaign FB Cover Photo Graphic so that everyone will know you’re Team Y!

Make it personal. People are happy to support a great cause, but they’re more compelled to give by YOU. Share your personal story of why you love the Y. Have a birthday or another milestone to celebrate? Add a personal twist to your giving asks, such as $42 for your 42nd birthday, or $15 for your 15th wedding anniversary. 

Tag, you’re it! Be sure to tag your friends in your posts so that they can be notified. This also helps more people see the post. 

Tailor your messaging. Have a friend who is passionate about kids in their area? Know someone who is dedicated to making sure people feel included? The Y serves a diverse audience from all walks of life, so tweak messaging so that you’re shining a light on all the different ways the Y GIVES.

Thank you very much! Visit the Y’s page to find the pinned “Thank You for Giving” post. Share this post each time a donor gives and tag your donor by name so that you can personally thank them with a shout out. 

Examples of Copy for Thank You Posts: 

  • Thank you, (Insert Donor Name Here)! Because of donors like you, the Y is one step closer to meeting our goal! With your help, we can ensure the Y is accessible FOR ALL. 
  • (Insert Donor Name Here) helped the Y by donating to our Annual Campaign. Did you know that gifts like these can be used to help a child receive FREE access to our Safety Around Water class? Learn more at ymcaokc.org/ygives.