YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City

Weathering the Storm

Written by John-Mark Beaver As I sit in my office typing out this blog article, it is a rainy and grey day in Oklahoma City. It reminds me of the mood that cast itself over our city, state and nation a year ago during the month of March when the coronavirus pandemic became a very […]

A Lifesaving Program From Your Local Y

Written by Sarah Boydstun When I thought about what to write for this blog article that would help articulate the impact of dollars given to our Annual Campaign, my mind started racing in many different directions. However, as the Aquatics Director for the North Side YMCA, it was only natural that my first thoughts settled […]

Counting the Value of Sleep

Do you remember when you were a kid and you so badly wanted to be a grownup? You’d dream of a time when you could eat whatever you wanted at every meal, stay up as late as you desired, and of course, you’d never have any homework – you could do what you wanted with […]

Why Your Local Y Needs You

Written by Paul Urquhart As an Executive Director for a YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City facility, I get a firsthand look at the heart of what we do every single day. We serve a wide range of individuals thanks in part to our financial assistance program and our community outreach efforts. The importance of our […]

Why Do We Have an Annual Campaign?

Written by Johnathan Teal I invite you to think back and reminisce with me. Think back to a time when you took swimming lessons as a child. Do you remember the pride that came from knowing you learned a new skill?­­ Think back to when you were in the best health of your life. How […]